Clark Gracie Blue Belt Certification

Certification Overview

Train with world champion Clark Gracie from anywhere in the world.

Exclusively for University of Martial Arts, get Clark Gracie’s white to blue belt curriculum complete with 154 comprehensive instructional videos and supplemental course PDF.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned jiujitsu practitioner and instructor, these classes are perfect to review, enhance, or build your technique.

You can also use this course to receive ranking and certification directly from Clark Gracie himself.

Certification and Testing Details

Participants wanting ranking and certification will be expected to demonstrate perfect form, understanding and technique. Every video submission will be reviewed and graded by Clark Gracie and/or a black-belt member of his staff.

Requirements to Pass the Certification and Belt Ranking

Your payment alone does not guarantee your certification. Clark signs each certificate himself and takes this responsibility very seriously.

* Pass the multiple choice test questions

* Submit your testing videos

* Demonstrate perfect form of the techniques covered in the courses -upload video to University of Martial Arts platform to be graded by Clark himself

* Display the ability to execute and understand each motion and technique

* Please note that upon completion of this certification course you will be able to download a certificate of rank. Physical belt and signed certificate can only be obtained after 1 (one) live roll at the Clark Gracie Headquarters or any Clark Gracie affiliate school.  All testing fees are rolled into the price of this certification course.

Included in Certification


Clark Gracie Blue Belt Submission Defense


Clark Gracie Blue Belt Side Control


Clark Gracie Blue Belt Self Defense


Clark Gracie Blue Belt Position Drills


Clark Gracie Blue Belt Mount Position


Clark Gracie Blue Belt Half Guard Position


Clark Gracie Blue Belt Guard Position


Clark Gracie Blue Belt Back Position