Clark Gracie Blue Belt Position Drills

Course Overview

In this blue-belt positional drill series, Clark Gracie takes you through 15 fundamental lessons, which are all requirements for your white-to-blue curriculum.

Understanding, internalizing and mastering position is an essential component of mastering Jiu-Jitsu. 

Positional drills will help develop a student’s reaction, timing, weight distribution, placement, and application of the various positions, controls and holds in the art. 

In this series, Clark Gracie takes you through the details, reasoning, and technical elements of each position. Though this series is part of the Clark Gracie White-to-Blue Belt Certification package, it can also be used alone by practitioners at any level.


Certification and Testing Details

* For official certification, you must upload video for grading.  Every video submission will be reviewed and graded by Clark Gracie and/or a black-belt member of his staff. 


Requirements to Pass the Certification and Receive Ranking

* Pass multiple choice test

* Submit technique videos for grading 

* Demonstrate the ability to execute and understand each motion and technique.