Clark Gracie Blue Belt Submissions

Course Overview

In this blue-belt submissions series, Clark takes you through 7 fundamental lessons, which are all requirements for your white-to-blue curriculum.

Clark Gracie takes you through every detail and training method to help you master the most essential and fundamental Gracie Jiu-Jitsu submissions. Submissions including chokes, joint locks and compression locks are shown from a variety of positions and controls, such as mount, guard, and side control positions. 

Certification and Testing Details

Participants will be expected to demonstrate perfect form, understanding and technique. This will be tested at the completion of your certification by video submission. 

Video uploading will be required for this course series. Every video and submission will be looked over and graded by Clark Gracie and/or a black-belt member of his staff. 

Requirements to Pass the Certification and Belt Ranking

Caveat: your payment alone does not guarantee your certification. Clark signs each certificate himself and takes this responsibility very seriously.

  • Pass the multiple choice test questions
  • Follow the PDF of uploading technical videos 
  • Demonstration of perfect form of the exercises covered at the courses -upload video to University of Martial Arts platform and graded by Clark himself
  • Display the ability to execute and understand each motion and technique

**Download Certificate of Completion upon finishing course**